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Name : Phill
Date/Time : 9th August 2013
Comment : Hi Pete, interesting reading! Found my way to your pages from your sheep photo in your Wynril Point cache log. I'm originally from Monmouth but been living in Finland since 1981. I'll be in the Forest of Dean for a few days after mid-August, so I'm hoping to find a few local caches then, hopefully including some of yours! Cheers, Phill (aka Gandal491)

Name : Admin
Date/Time : 5th April 2013
Comment : I have converted the entire site to use PHP instead of perl scripts. A number of fixes have also been implemented.

Name : admin
Date/Time : 24th January 2013
Comment : GPX route download finally added. You can now download any of my routes and use them on your GPSr. Give me a shout if you need more detailed instructions.

Name : Dean Green Team
Date/Time : 7th January 2013
Comment : The Dean Green Team who do wildlife conservation in the Forest of Dean were at their monthly task at the Arboretum last Thursday. We had 5 year old Sam with us and he found the geocache behind a rock purely by chance. He was thrilled! (the box is quite full)

Name : admin
Date/Time : 12th January 2012
Comment : Added RSS feed for latest walks added (25 max). You will get updated as soon as I add a route. Let me know if you have any problems with it. You just need to add to your RSS reader.

Name : Debra Evans
Date/Time : 11th December 2011
Comment : Lovely website. I live in The Forest of Dean and enjoy walking too. You have given me some new places to try out. Thanks

Name : seanteeabeshy
Date/Time : 5th December 2011
Comment :

Name : Sam Smith
Date/Time : 18th September 2011
Comment : Great website, especially like the Walks part!

Name : Peter and Katy Flannery
Date/Time : 13th September 2011
Comment : Bloody Hell, what a metamorphosis. We've finally tracked you down - HA HA HA. Be afraid, be very afraid!! It would be great to get in touch again, Peter and Katy

Name : xfather123
Date/Time : 27th May 2011
Comment : This is delicious! xfather123

Name : Ed McColl
Date/Time : 9th May 2011
Comment : Hi, Sorry for the intrusive nature of my email. One of my clients is interested in purchasing the domain name. Would you be remotely interested in selling and if so what kind of price would you be looking for. Best Regards Ed McColl

Name : AlisherJora
Date/Time : 9th May 2011
Comment : A very cool place to grow up. Graduated in 78. I remember Judy King, cutest girl in our class. And can picture Tim skiing in bib overalls. I miss the spring, My friend David Jankowski, and living in a place where everyone seems to know everyone.I got to get back soon.

Name : Fi Benson
Date/Time : 16th February 2011
Comment : Hi, I'm a writer in Lydbrook. I heard about geocaching when I worked as community officer for the Sculpture Trust for a year. I'm atm doing a bit of research on geocaching for a larger piece I'm writing. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying visiting the various pages that I've found SidAndBob on. Fi

Name : kyla
Date/Time : 4th February 2011
Comment : Have enjoyed reading your pages. Also very useful when deciding where to go next. Am hoping at half-term to go to Brechfa, biking, so I'll be checking out to see if there are any geocaches there. I love geocaching with my youngest son who is 5 every Thursday after school (he finishes at 1pm) and my older two also enjoy coming along (Tilly 14 and Ben 16). Thanks for great website. A friend is putting one together for my new business which is starting this year and will be based at Biblins in the Forest of Dean. It's all about children and yes - treasure hunting, problem solving whilst biking, canoeing, running and climbing. Bye for now. Kyla

Name : Admin
Date/Time : 12th November 2010
Comment : Added notification and approval system. Also now ignore posts with hyperlinks in the comment to cut out those pathetic spammers.

Name : Jilda
Date/Time : 11th November 2010
Comment : Hi Am very interested to hear more about the Hunter crash site if poss. My email is above and look forward to hearing from you. I will explain more by private email. Kindest regards, JILDA

Name : James Clegg
Date/Time : 3rd November 2010
Comment : Peter I emailed you a couple of years ago reference tunnels etc in the FOD area, I still find your website a valuable resource. I have a question regarding the Tintern-Tidenham tunnel 4.4 mile walk - I cannot place the tunnel that is shown. It isn't either end of Tidenham as that has track coming out either end and I do not recognise it as Tintern, also it looks too small for a railway tunel, much more like a tramway tunnel. Can you enlighten me please? Many thanks James

Name : david schaefer
Date/Time : 28th September 2010
Comment : im not real sure but im pretty sure i played eq with you way back in the day are you aladinsane lol took me forever to come up with that name i was a war coaren

Name : Admin
Date/Time : 23rd September 2010
Comment : Added this very simple guestbook today. Please feel free to leave your comments.