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A10 Thunderbolt-3.1019251.97508Crash SiteAttraction
B17 42-5903-3.1020251.92109Crash SiteAttraction
Biblins Rope footbridge-2.6553051.826319Indiana Jones style; steel ropeBridge or TunnelGeographic
Boat Inn, Penaullt-2.6746051.785077Basic; Waterfall; Real Ale; Open All dayPublic HouseFood and Drink
Cleddon Falls-2.6961951.732436WaterfallGeographic
Coldwell Rocks-2.6320751.838499Peregrine FalconsViewpointGeographic
Coppet Hill North Open-2.6012851.862628signs of kids hang outTunnelDisused Railway
Coppet Hill South Open-2.6003451.858018Wellies requiredTunnelDisused Railway
Cuckoo Wood bench-2.6891851.740987ViewpointGeographic
Double lime kiln-2.5743551.737477Lime KilnBuildings
Double lime kiln-2.6606051.843566Lime KilnBuildings
English / Welsh Bicknor-2.6007851.856366Footbridge open to WalesBridgeDisused Railway
Hunter T7 XL575-3.8004552.36656Crash SiteAttraction
Kerne Missing-2.6075051.864851Minor brickwork near south bankBridgeDisused Railway
Knockalls Inclosure-2.6612951.794837BridgeDisused Railway
Lancaster W4929-3.7047151.90044Crash SiteAttraction
Lower Redbrook North Open-2.6743451.792908Lock broken; Polystyrene;TunnelDisused Railway
Lower Redbrook South Open-2.6779051.792727Narrow gap; our first real tunnelTunnelDisused Railway
Misbah Indian-2.7147051.8132910In the Top 100 in UKRestaurantFood and Drink
Newland East Closed Private field-2.6437351.782715Sealed; Lovely place; private fieldTunnelDisused Railway
Newland Street Bridge-2.6209051.791895Closed; Approach via Council Offices CPBridgeDisused Railway
Newland Under-2.6351151.781648Lovely place; private fieldBridgeDisused Railway
Newland West Private-2.6463351.784812In private gardenTunnelDisused Railway
Ostrich Inn, Newland-2.6486251.783019Trad; Real ale; Dog friendly; Good foodPublic HouseFood and Drink
Oxford PW242-3.0868452.01387Crash SiteAttraction
Redbrook England to Wales-2.6739551.785168Footbridge open to WalesBridgeDisused Railway
Spitfire X4588-3.4286051.85556Crash SiteAttraction
Symonds Yat East Closed-2.6320751.84007TunnelDisused Railway
Symonds Yat Rock-2.6346551.8410610Cliff top; Walled; Topograph;PeregrinesViewpointGeographic
The Devil's Pulpit-2.6629951.692648Views over Tintern Abbey & WyeBridgeDisused Railway
Tidenham Tunnel North Open-2.6556851.6731510Tracks in tact; no attempt to sealTunnelDisused Railway
Tidenham Tunnel South Open-2.6505351.663879Tracks in tact; no attempt to sealTunnelDisused Railway
Tintern Tunnel North-2.6735551.69990Haven't located it yetTunnelDisused Railway
Tintern Tunnel South-2.6729951.697855Iron gate; passable; no dogs/kidsTunnelDisused Railway
Tramway-2.6732051.789183Over the roadBridgeDisused Railway
Upper Redbrook North Sealed-2.6722751.794844Sealed and on private landTunnelDisused Railway
Upper Redbrook South Open-2.6727551.794167Totally open; quiet access;short tunnelTunnelDisused Railway
Vampire-3.7056751.86674Crash SiteAttraction
Wellington-3.7184251.83722Crash SiteAttraction
Wellington R1465-3.3637751.872519A beautiful placeCrash SiteAttraction
Wellington T2520-3.3214051.814559Crash SiteAttraction
Welsh Bicknor-2.6002851.857066OpenPill BoxBuildings
Whitecliff bridge-2.6336351.786927Sleepers; overgrownBridgeDisused Railway
Whitecliff Tunnel East Closed-2.6272951.788284Corregated steelTunnelDisused Railway
Whitecliff Tunnel West Open in Quarry-2.6282751.787875Open; In quarry; shortTunnelDisused Railway
Wyesham bridge remains-2.7062951.804667Good stonework to west bankBridgeDisused Railway
Wyesham ugly bridge-2.7077651.805803BridgeDisused Railway