Team Rocket are always landing themselves in big trouble. This time they've blasted off to The Forest of Dean. To locate their whereabouts you must identify all the Pokémon below and then arrange them in alphabetical order along with the number below each character. Insert the 10 digits into the coordinates to complete the location

The cache is at N51° ??.??? W002° ??.???

4 5 2 1 5
9 4 6 1 8


Trading Rules
At least as many cards/tags in as you take out.
At least as good condition in as you take out.
Please do not take a Pokémon item unless you leave an equivalent Pokémon item.


Team Rocket

To protect the world from devastation,
To unite all peoples within our nation,
To denounce the evils of truth and love,
To extend our reach to the stars above.
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light,
Surrender now or prepare to fight.
Me-e-owth that's right!