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Making Activity Tracking pay with Bounts

I’ve always done a lot of walking, but recently bought a Garmin Fenix 3 and now I’m hooked on activity tracking. While Garmin Connect allows me to partake in challenges with people who do similar stepcounts to me, it’s Bounts that lets me earn … Continue reading

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10 years of Geocaching

I got my first GPS receiver (a Garmin eTrex) in 2003, but it wasn’t until early 2006 that a friend persuaded me to look at Geocaching and I found my first Geocache rather aptly on 1st April that year. My … Continue reading

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A tribute to Bob.

2015 was not marked for me by achieving my 2000 mile goal or by the arrival of puppy Ted, but by the loss of my great pal Bob. Bob was my ten year old Border Collie/Lurcher cross. He was responsible … Continue reading

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Get fit and beat asthma

Regular Asthma causes a constriction of the airways which leaves sufferers out of breath. It is often triggered by cold weather amongst other things and can be counteracted to a certain level with inhalers which widen the airways via drugs such as … Continue reading

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Canmore GT-740FL Review

Anyone who read my previous Canmore GT-730FL-S review is probably wondering why I got this device. Simple. I lost the 730! (Hooray! I found it again on 27/12/2014) I nearly bought another 730 as the replacement but thinking about the … Continue reading

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Getting in shape

I’ve finally realized that I need to lose some weight and get fitter. It’s not the end of the world, but I will need some self control and determination. The principles of losing weight are simple; consumer fewer calories than … Continue reading

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The North Face Point Five NG Jacket (Goretex Pro) Review

My Berghaus Axis hard shell was bought in October 2007 and it had lasted me well. I’d worn it for thousands of miles and it still looked like new. The problem was that it was wetting-out (material absorbing rain rather … Continue reading

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Rich Hall live at Monmouth Savoy Theatre

My son loves QI and amongst his favourite panellist (and mine too) is Rich Hall, with his dry and quirky, yet hilarious sense of humour. This show tied in perfectly with his sixteenth birthday and I was “lucky” enough to … Continue reading

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Canmore GT-730FL-S GPS data logger review

A GPS data logger is a device which purely logs where you’ve been and when. Most have no display other than a few LEDs and use very little power. The battery is usually fixed within the unit and often charged … Continue reading

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